Slate Tiles

Slate is a fine-grained, metamorphic stone derived from sedimentary rock shale. It is a durable stone which offers a wide range of colours and textures. Unless its surface has been honed smooth, it is usually recognised by its distinct riven texture.

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Amazon Black Honed

These slate tiles are world-renowned due to their hardness and they have a superb smoothness in their honed finish. The honed finish also gives a modern look. Available in 2 sizes.

Amazon Black Riven

These slate tiles are world-renowned due to their hardnes and their extremely light riven (natural cleft) with very minimal variation. Available in variety of sizes.

Green Slate Riven

Very hardwearing and durable, this greyish light green slate has moderate variation. The riven finish also gives an aged appearance to the stone.

Multicolour Riven

The colour of this stone ranges from grey to sunset orange. Its very light riven surface makes it ideal for all kinds of projects. The riven finish gives an aged appearance.

Nero Oriental Riven

This slate is very consistent in colour with a very light riven surface as opposed to heavy riven slates available in the market. Available in 2 sizes