Granite Tiles & Basalt Tiles

Granite is a hard igneous rock made up of 3 main minerals which occur in different proportions giving each stone its unique colour, texture and structural characteristics. This stone is often rich in colour and has a luxurious look whilst blending well with fabrics, wood, glass and metal. Basalt is a hard and dense volcanic rock, which is usually grey in colour.

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Olympus Grey Honed

Olympus Grey is very hard wearing, durable and suitable for a variety of applications. The colour is charcoal grey and is uniformly distributed. Available in 2 sizes.

Imperial Black Honed

Imperial Black exhibits the same characteristics as Olympus Grey but is black in colour. There is very little colour variation. Available in 2 sizes.

Zimbabwe Black Polished

Very similar in characteristics to Imperial black Basalt but with a polished shiny finish.

Star Galaxy Granite Polished

A highly polished black granite with gold flecks which reflect the light. As with all granite products, it is extremely durable. Available in 2 sizes.